Whitetail Junction Exotics

Whitetail Junction Ranch gives you the opportunity to hunt a tremendous variety of exotic species from around the world including Africa, Asia, Australia and Europe. The ranch's strategic conservation efforts provide big game hunters the chance to claim some of the world's most beautiful animals, in safe and manageable environment right here in the USA. Hunters have the chance to harvest everything from black buck to axis, red stag to kudu, blesbok to fallow, and more!

General Hunt Information

  • Guests and hunters will enjoy the ranch for 3 days and 3 nights.
  • All hunts are professionally guided each by experienced guides committed to providing you with the best hunt experience.
  • Delicious meals that rival any of your favorite Texas eateries will be provided each morning and evening, and a chef's kitchen will be available for your convenience throughout the day. 
  • Guest will enjoy comfortable lodging that provides spectacular views, relaxing entertainment area, and an environment that says, "Make yourself at home!"
  • Harvested animals are professionally cleaned, quartered and caped. A list of preferred meat processors and taxidermists are available upon your request.
  • A wounded animal is considered a claimed kill, so please take advantage of our shooting range before your hunt. All weapons must be sighted-in to check accuracy upon arrival.
  • Hunters are welcomed to bring non-hunting guests for an additional $500.00 one-time fee. 
  • All hunts are offered on a limited basis, so book early for best dates!
  • Gratuities are not included in the price of the hunt, and prices are subject to change until your hunt is booked and a deposit has been received.

Exotic Pricing Guide

$1,000 fee per hunter is required to book a hunt and will be applied to overall hunt costs accrued.

Addax, $5,750

Aoudad, $3,500

Axis, $3,500

Blackbuck Antelope, $3,500

Blesbok, $5,750

American Bison, $4,500

Bison Cow, $3,500

Dama Gazelle, $8,000

Eland, $7,500

Fallow Deer, $3,500

Gemsbok, $5,750

Grants Gazelle, $6,000

Impala, $5,750

Kudu, $16,000

Nilgia, $3,750

Red Sheep, $3,500

Sable, $16,000

Scimitar (Horned) Oryx, $5,750

Wildebeest, $5,750

Red Stag
Management $3,500
350" - 400"     $7,500
400" - 450"    $10,000
451"+ Price Upon Request

Doe Package

$1,200 per person with minimum of four hunters, and includes 2 days / 2 nights, lodging, meals and guide services.

Options include:

4 Whitetail Does

2 Whitetail Does and 1 Axis / Fallow Doe

2 Axis / Fallow Does

All hunters will be asked to check their rifles at our range to ensure accuracy.  A wounded animal will be considered a harvested animal, therefore full payment will be required. The team at Whitetail Junction Ranch will work to the best of our abilities to recover a wounded animal.  If an animal is recovered after a hunter’s time at the ranch has commenced, arrangements will be made for that hunter to retrieve his/her animal from safe keeping.  Hunters will be responsible for obtaining proper hunting licenses and requirements before the hunt.